Alessandra Alexandroff

images © Alessandra Alexandroff

After growing up abroad, a degree in English and Art History, a career in fashion and then ten years in the Far East, Alessandra moved to Somerset in 1999 with her husband and four children to  lay down some roots.


She says of her painting process  "I am interested in how we make sense of our experiences and memories - our need to record them in ways which go beyond photography and physical mementos. Collecting images through my sketchbooks is a lifelong habit. And as the sketchbooks are purely personal, they can have a randomness and unpreparedness that leads me to new places. They are also a way of keeping precious things: feathers, grasses, stones, sleeping dogs, the sea.”


She alternates between the representational - as in animal commissions - and semi abstract images of landscape, architecture and people, working predominantly in oil.


She exhibits locally and in London and works from her studio in Somerset with her dogs, Lettuce and Bean for company, and the ghost of her spaniel Sprout, buried in an orchard, but always watching over.